Who we are

Fusion HR is a member of Innovios. An Irish company committed to the smart application of ideas to improve the performance, resilience and information flow in organisations and individuals.

Innovios looks to leverage organisations existing investment in human and IT capital to enhance productivity, service and profit.

What we do

Our management team who has over 50 years combined experience delivering work place health programmes founded Fusion HR in 2012.

Fusion HR is a powerful resource for HR professionals to re-ignite the power of human endeavour to drive an organisation forward. Fusion HR not only aims to improve the availability of staff but also their enthusiasm, engagement, productivity and resilience.

Fusion HR delivers a Win-WIN to organisations. We provide the tools to enable them ensure that staff is available and eager to contribute to the business goals while giving proper consideration to their welfare and wellbeing.

Through our work in the public, private and voluntary sectors we have recognised the success of developing a highly motivated and energetic workforce through a systematic, yet empathetic approach to employee sickness and wellbeing.

We work within agreed budget to boost the productivity of your business.

Do you recognise Paula & Simon in your organisation?


It doesn’t cost anything to learn a little more. Call us on +353 1 716 5442 to arrange a meeting.
Or email us at info@fusionhr.ie for more details.

We’ll be happy to show you how Fusion HR makes more productivity with the same payroll a very achievable goal.