6 HR Stages of a Wellbeing Change

Posted by Aaron Keegan 12-Apr-2019

No single solution works for everyone. So from HR’s perspective then no one approach is going to accommodate every employee. You will need different strategies for different employees.

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Topics: Workplace Wellness, Employee Wellbeing, Emlpyee Engagement

Top 6 Action Points for Your Health and Wealth in 2018

Posted by Aaron Keegan 28-Feb-2018

So how are your resolutions going? Are you keeping them up or have they being forgotten? Either way, do not give up on 2018!

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Topics: Health, Wellbeing, Family

Making Mindfulness Work In Your Business

Posted by Aaron Keegan 23-Jan-2018

The pressure of an "always on" culture has led organisations introduce mindfulness into the workplace...

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Topics: Mindfulness in Workplace, Mental Health in Work, Employee Wellbeing

Seven Reasons Data Is So Important For Your Wellbeing Strategy To Be Successful

Posted by Aaron Keegan 03-Nov-2017

If Management knows Wellbeing is so important why has it had such a small impact on the culture within organisations?

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Topics: Wellbeing Strategy, Wellbeing Report

World Mental Health Week

Posted by Aaron Keegan 12-Oct-2017

We spend more than half of our waking hours in work, so how can we make sure it's a place conducive to good mental health?

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Topics: Work Mental Health, Employee Wellbeing

5 Employee Groups Your Wellness Programme Needs to Support for High Engagement

Posted by Aaron Keegan 09-Sept-2017

By understanding behavioural health change you can make your wellness programme more relevant to your entire workforce...

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Topics: Wellness Programme, Behavioural Health Change

New study - middle age office workers as sedentary as pensioners

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-July-2017

The Irish Times today has called on office workers to 'Quit the Sit'. This comes as new research reveals that middle-aged office workers move less during the week than pensioners. The University of Edinburgh researchers have called for urgent change.

What can you do for your employees in your building?

Read our partner StepJockey's exclusive Q&A with the study's author.

Topics: Sedentary Lifestyle, Employee Wellbeing

How to Set Up a Corporate Wellness Programme

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 24-March-2017

If increased productivity is key to your organisations success you may be looking at implementing a corporate wellness programme to exploit the well of untapped energy in your workforce...

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Topics: Employee Wellbeing, Corporate Wellness Programme

Press Release: Launch of New Wellness Portal to Help Irish Businesses Support the Healthy Ireland Framework

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-March-2017

Portal can identify health risks and reduce avoidable costs in the Irish workforce...

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Topics: Press Release, Employee Wellbeing, Corporate Wellness

Six Steps to Achieve Those New Year Resolutions

Posted by Aaron Keegan 30-Dec-2016

How can you achieve your 2017 resolutions?

As we head into 2017 many people will review their lifestyle. The start of a new year is always a time for resolutions and enthusiasm to better yourself.

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Topics: New Year Resolutions, Lifestyle, Wellbeing

Coping Strategies To Manage Stress In The Workplace

Posted by Aaron Keegan 01-Nov-2016

There are two types of ways we can deal with stress: Problem focused and Emotion focused

While, problem focused is a much more effective way to manage stress in the workplace, emotion focused strategies are valuable in certain situations.

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Topics: Stress Management, Workplace

Why HR and Line Managers Need to Work Together to Reduce Absenteeism in Ireland

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 22-September-2016

Absence from work does not make the heart grow fonder!
When an employee is absent it can cause reverberations throughout the entire organisation...

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Topics: Productivity, Absence, Return to Work Interviews, HR Tools

Workplace Health, It's Personal!

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 01-September-2016

Of course there are supports available if you get sick. From primary care to acute care through rehabilitation there are facilities to get us better. But just because they are there doesn't mean we have to use them...

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Topics: Workplace Health, Personal Health

How HR Can Drive Wellbeing And Engagement Through CSR Responsibility

Posted by Conor Hoey on 11-August-2016

Up to now, a big worry for society has been about the sustainability of the environment, but in the future it's going to be about the sustainability of the health of your workforce.

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Topics: HR, CSR Responsibility

The Changing Role of Occupational Health

Posted by Conor Hoey on 18-July-2016

The workplace is continually evolving, influencing in different ways, the health agenda. The nature of work itself has changed in multiple ways, including vast technological and global trends and the shift from an industrial to a services- and knowledge-based economy.

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Topics: Occupational Health, Absence

Five Areas Line Managers Need HR Support To Deliver A Healthy Workplace

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 6-July-2016

Line managers are central to the successful implementation of a health and well-being strategy. They also have a crucial role in creating the culture necessary to support a healthy workplace. Many managers are only trained to focus on the specific tasks relating to their job. However they are in a position to implement the breath of policies and practices that make up a well-being strategy.

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Topics: Line Managers, HR, Healthy Workplace

Top Five Actions For Senior Management To Ensure Their Health And Well-being Strategy Works

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-June-2016

An integrated Health and Well-being strategy has been highlighted by the CIPD as crucial in supporting efforts to improve workplace health, enhance productivity and have a more sustainable and motivated workforce. In this article we look at 5 ways senior management can help nurture a culture of health in their organisation.

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Topics: Senior Management, Health and Well-being Strategy

What Medical Tests are Appropriate for a Corporate Wellness Programme?

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 08-June-2016

This is a question that is often asked by HR professionals.

There are thousands of medical examinations available and it is important to select the most appropriate tests available for any given situation.

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Topics: Medical Tests, Wellness Programme

The Tools HR Needs to Deliver A Health And Well-Being Strategy

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 01-June-2016

In this article we will look specifically at HR and how they can make a significant contribution.

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Topics: Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Wellness Programme

How Much Should a Corporate Wellness Programme Cost

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 19-Apr-2016

It can be very difficult to budget for the cost of a corporate wellness programme and how much an organisation should spend is the length of the proverbial piece of string.

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Topics: Wellness, Wellness Programme Cost

Wellbeing and Engagement is Key for Sustainability

Posted by Conor Hoey on 02-Mar-2016

Employee engagement may be becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. Organisational change is perhaps the only constant in today's working life.

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Topics: Wellbeing, Engagement, Sustainability

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