Support is our standard service providing excellent reactive support to many of the challenges that your staff encounters in their daily lives. A key element of Support is the ability to triage the employees issue and organise a referral to the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.

From this referral a programme can be put in place to assist the individual and help them cope in the future.

From our service centre in Dublin, we are in tune with the Irish market, ensuring that your clients and their employees receive culturally relevant support. At the same time, our global presence offers us insight that smaller, local groups do not have. Through our exposure to various markets and our own industry leadership, we stay at the forefront of the latest trends worldwide. This allows us keep our clients informed and educate them on issues that local providers may not be aware of.

Not only is our service 24/7 we are also supported by sophisticated technology platforms and rigorous business continuity and disaster recovery protocols to ensure that we are always available when you need us.

Recognising the many ways staff like to engage with support services Fusion HR have available Chat, App and Web interfaces if your employees would like an alternative to the traditional telephone facility.

Support can be integrated with your absence policy and wellbeing programme to form part of an overall Employee Assistance Strategy to improve engagement, boost resilience and create a happy workforce.


WorkLife Support

Fusion HR’s WorkLife module incorporates a more proactive element to complement the traditional approach of Support. With WorkLife we provide educational support and counseling to staff to prepare them to manage challenges, allow them to identify them when they start to emerge and empower them to take control to optimize their life.

This is provided through monthly webinars and specialist support services.

The monthly webinars focus on specific aspects of our lives that we all find challenging. They are typically 45 minutes and designed to fit into an individual’s working day. They are ideal learning opportunities in an interactive environment.

Fusion HR’s WorkLife specialist are available 24/7 to help your staff negotiate the more frequent stress that we typically face during our working lives. Our experts are trained in areas such as:

• Dependant Care Support either as parents or for elder dependants
• Personal and Information Services to help deal with the daily hassles and on-going challenges we face
• Career Coaching to help you reach your professional goals
• Legal Services to give initial advice and easy referral
• Financial Information Services to help you with your family budgeting, protection and investments.

WorkLife can be integrated with your absence policy and wellbeing programme to form part of an overall Employee Assistance Strategy to improve engagement, boost resilience and create a happy workforce.


Total Support

Total Support is Fusion HR’s complete service to empower staff to manage both their personal and work live. It allows the individual tap into telephone, on-line and face-to-face counseling to help them deal with the issues that arise.

A key element of this service is accountability where our coaches are there to help your employee achieve their goals and objectives. They will work with them and push them to realise their full potential.

Our clients can avail of a combination of structured counseling sessions, on-line training and effective case management through our innovative Evolution Case Outcome Management System (ECOMS). In additional to our Support and WorkLife Services this will provide your employees with all the resources and tools they need to be supported to improve productivity in your workplace.

Total Service can be integrated with your absence policy and wellbeing programme to form part of an overall Employee Assistance Strategy to improve engagement, boost resilience and create a happy workforce.


Case Studies

Wellness Coaching Case Study

Paul, a 38-year-old male, contacted the programme, expressing anxiety around poor sleeping patterns and a lack of energy during the day. He was unable to exercise regularly due to a heavy workload and travelling extensively. His energy levels triggered an awareness regarding the need to review his work-life balance.

The coach worked with Paul to establish what his weekly routine looked like. Paul completed a sleep diary, which showed less than six hours of sleep per night. His evening meal tended to be late, was quite heavy, and would occur right before he would try to sleep. It would take Paul at least an hour most nights to finally fall asleep and he would use his tablet to catch up on work and plan for his workload the next day.

Paul was very fond of his electronic gadgets (e.g., smartphone, tablet, smart TV), and the coach found it useful to educate him on the latest research around light from tablets and smartphones tricking the brain into believing it is daytime instead of night. Paul expressed concern that, by reducing this work time at night, he would fall behind with his workload.

By using motivational interviewing techniques, he was able work on the ambivalence and resistance. Paul was able to work out for himself that improving his sleep time and quality at night would improve energy levels and leave him more productive during the day, lessening the pressure to work late evenings.

With his new awareness, Paul set about reorganising his nightly routine. His evening mealtime now took place at least 90 minutes prior to bedtime and he managed to stop himself (for the most part!) from looking at any of his gadgets, now preferring to read a book instead.

Over a period of three months, Paul had times when work was particularly demanding and needed those extra hours in the evening, but he managed to reset his routine so that getting a full eight hours of sleep is now the norm. Combining these health sleep habits with some walking exercises while at work and during his breaks, Paul reports feeling more energised and productive during the day.

Counselling Case Study

Ryan, a man in his mid-40s called the EAP with concerns regarding how several medical afflictions were affecting his mental health. He shared that a recently-discovered tumour was causing him to lose his vision, and he also suffered other medical issues that left him feeling stressed and exhausted physically. Ryan had recently undergone surgery and was apprehensive about his recovery. He reported a sense of isolation with minimal family support.

Ryan’s decision to contact the EAP for support and counselling services was reinforced by the telephonic counsellor who completed the initial assessment over the phone. We matched Ryan with a counsellor experienced in medical/health issues who was able to meet with him in-person, near his home. The client actively participated in the counselling sessions to gain the support and coping strategies he needed as he continued his recovery.

Elder Care Case Study

Emma cares for her 85 year-old mother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Emma finds working and providing care for her mother increasingly difficult to juggle. Her mother needs assistance with personal care, meal preparation, and mobility around the home. A neighbour provides assistance a few times per day, but Emma worries her mother may fall while unattended if she continues living at home.

When Emma calls the EAP, a consultant offers guidance regarding the various resources that may available to assist her mother. The consultant speaks with Emma about what services may be available through the local authority, and private or voluntary sector, including assessments and community services. Emma receives information about services provided by the HSE, as well as information about government financial assistance for which her mother may be eligible.

She receives three referrals for weekend respite care providers, whose services would allow Emma some time off from her duties as a caregiver. She also receives three referrals to local support groups for carers, as well as tip sheets and informational websites regarding care giving and current Parkinson’s research and information.




Request a Consultation

Fusion HR

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Phone: +353 1 716 3763


24/7 Helpline

Our services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year - and qualified professionals answer all calls live in a supervised clinical call centre environment. We are always here to provide 'in the moment' emotional support. There are no after-hours periods.

During this call we will triage the issue to ensure the most appropriate care is made available as quickly as possible. All clinical calls begin with an assessment, which determines the appropriate intervention. The assessment includes identification of the presenting issue, investigation into support systems, coping strategies, background information, and a risk assessment. The outcome is a plan that covers the short-term focus including goals that have been agreed upon with the employee.

A case manager oversees the process of matching the employee with a counsellor. Information on each provider’s hours, gender, languages spoken, certifications, education history, years of practice, experience serving a particular demographic, etc. is held in our case management system. When our provider relations team searches for a counsellor, they match the employee with a provider who has the necessary experience and understanding.

We provide the employee with the selected provider’s contact information within two workdays of his initial contact with the employee support service.

The counsellor will have availability for the first session within five days of the initial assessment. The employee works with the counsellor to schedule each session. Face-to-face counselling takes place at a location convenient to the employee’s home or work address.

In addition to contacting our services by freephone, employees also have the option of accessing the programme via:

• E-mail
• LiveCONNECT instant messaging
• SMS text messaging

These additional modes of entry increase utilisation by ensuring that employees have the option to access the service in a way that is comfortable and convenient for them.


iConnect App

In conjunction with Workplace Options, we have made available iConnectYou, an app that is available in iTunes and Google Play stores worldwide. It is also available as a web-based tool. iConnectYou is currently available in English, with future releases in 16 additional languages scheduled for the end of 2015.

The app serves as both an access and delivery tool. It allows users to engage with a counsellor via phone, video, instant messaging, or SMS text. Additional features include appointment scheduling, interactive self-assessments, and informational resources.

The app is free and we will provide employees with a code to access the tool’s full capabilities.


EAP Website

Our website includes a variety of tools and resources to help employees manage life’s challenges and find better work-life balance.

Key features include:

• Eight content divisions:

1. Ageing,
2. Balancing,
3. International,
4. Living,
5. Parenting,
6. Health,
7. Working,
8. Management

LiveCONNECT instant messaging with counsellors and information specialists
• Interactive self-search child care locator
• Database of more than 4,000 regularly updated articles
• News for You updated monthly, featuring the option to add customised tabs
• Rotating features on the Module Pages
• Search and Advanced Search features
Care Centre: a virtual space for those with caring responsibilities to share information
• Direct link to for money management tools and resources

The site is kept current and up-to-date by a team of dedicated staff.



Fusion Hr work with an experienced network of professional facilitators to deliver online learning solutions for your staff. Our facilitators are experts in a variety of fields such as wellness, communication, substance abuse, stress management, work life balance and professional development. The webinars are designed to deliver learning events that promote healthy and happy lifestyles for your employees.

A selection of webinar topics that have been developed are:

• Adjusting to the Process of Ageing
• Building Resiliency 101
• Bullying: Confronting Hostility in the Workplace
• Caring for an Ageing Relative
• Celebrating Midlife
• Communication Skills for Collaboration
• Creating Your Personal Development Plan
• Effectively Dealing with a Changing Workplace
• Eight Steps to a Healthy Heart


Specialist Services

Performance will always suffer if an employee is faced with challenging situations in their lives. Fusion HR are here to help them cope with these issues so that they can refocus quickly to deliver the performance you require.

Our team of work-life specialists is available to support employees with any issue or challenges they may be facing. These generally include support in the following areas:

Dependant Care Support

Fusion HRs’ dependant care service supports employees with all aspects of being a carer. The programme offers general counselling, educational support, and pre-screened, qualified referrals to resources to help the employee cope more effectively with the challenges of caring for others. The service is available for any kind of dependant, and traditionally focuses on child care and parenting; adult care and ageing; or care for individuals with a special need/disability.

Personal and Information Services

We understand that many day-to-day tasks in employees' lives often consume significant time and energy, resulting in stress and a lack of focus at work. With the Fusion HR personal and information service, employees are able to contact our specialists for support with work or personal tasks. Specialists can help employees research and locate resources in several categories, including household tasks, garden/lawn services, relocation services, entertainment resources, restaurant options, and recreational activities. The service is designed to support employees with any issue that takes time out of their busy schedules - allowing employees to stay more focused while at work.

Career Coaching

Fusion HR EAP offers one session of telephonic career coaching in order to help employees achieve their professional goals whether that be enhancing work performance, seeking assistance with a possible promotion, or adapting to a role change.

Legal and Financial Information Services

Our team of specialists is available to provide consultation, resource, and referral support for legal and financial issues. Callers will receive pre-qualified referrals to professionals selected to address the employee’s specific needs.



Our wellness programme offers telephonic access to coaches who provide individualised, goal-oriented guidance, wellness education, strategy development, and encouragement. We will coach a well person to stay well and empower those who have health challenges to improve. Throughout the process, coaches gently support and guide participants while holding them accountable to their healthier lifestyle practices.

In the first session, the coach helps the participant define his or her wellness vision. Subsequent conversations will focus on experiments to test out new, healthier habits and learning from experience. Together, individuals and coaches commonly design wellness plans around the following:

• Weight Management
• Nutrition
• Tobacco Cessation
• Fitness and Exercise
• Celebrating Midlife
• Stress Management
• Lifestyle Management of Chronic Conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease)

We work to build the employee’s self-efficacy and internal motivation for lasting behaviour change. Our coaching programme is based heavily in a motivational interviewing approach. This is a member-centred, member-directed approach with an emphasis on building the employee's self-efficacy to make long-term behaviour changes. We focus on achieving total wellbeing by addressing emotional, physical, and practical components.

The coach’s job is always to keep the employee on track with the original focus and vision. If it seems like the employee is stuck or backsliding, the coach strives to redirect him back on track. The coach will work with the employee to re-assess the focus, and identify why the process may have been derailed.


cCBT Online

In conjunction with our partner, Workplace Options, our online cognitive behavioural therapy service, known as In My Hands, complements traditional telephone and face-to-face counselling services. In My Hands has several features that set it apart, including involvement by our clinical counsellors at every step in the process and integration with our outcomes management system. The programme was developed in conjunction with the University of Manchester and ILT solutions. Several modules are available, including Introduction to CBT; Self-Esteem and Thinking Styles; Low Mood and Depression; Stress and Anxiety; and Coping and Resilience.

The self-paced programme encourages participants to interact with the application weekly, and to monitor their perception of how they are functioning in terms of personal well-being, close family relationships, work, and social roles. Seven sessions are available, with weekly e-mail and/or telephone support from qualified counsellors.



Fusion HR provides more than a 'tick box' EAP service. To be successful, your EAP must be proactively account managed from day one. Fusion HR take a consultative approach and help our customers promote the service, understand their quarterly utilisation reports, and are always on hand to answer any questions about the service and how it is being used. They provide customers with guidance on how to get the most out of their EAP investment by integrating the service into key areas of their stress and wellness strategies, and by including it as part of return-to-work interviews and appraisal procedures. Our account managers also help our customers measure the effectiveness of our clinical services at every point of access through our unique Evolution Case Outcome Management System (ECOMS).

ECOMS is an interactive web-based case management system that provides easy-to-use case assessment and measurement of progress. The Principle function is to assist in case intake, assessment and outcome management. ECOMS is designed to monitor and improve therapy outcomes by providing information on progress in treatment and therapeutic engagement.



Fusion HR is committed to be able to develop employee services for every business irrespective of its size, budget or sector.

Our aim is to support you in developing employee engagement and resilience while nurturing a culture of health and happiness within your organisation.

Through our matrix of options we can help you design a programme that best meets your needs, both now and into the future. We will provide on-going support to deliver maximum value and mould the service around your changing requirements.



Our workplace mediation and investigation services provide timely and cost-effective outcomes to workplace disputes, protecting the interests of the organisation, while at the same time ensuring respect for the employee(s) concerned.

Fusion HR can provide a full work-related mediation service to assist with resolving workplace conflict and interpersonal issues. We have a network of fully qualified and experienced affiliate mediators and we can tailor both the approach and engagement of the mediation as and when a client requires this service. Our mediators are CMC registered and compliant with the European Code of Conduct for Mediators. We can offer two-party mediation or group mediation events.

Mediation is based on the principle of finding solutions to disputes in a non-threatening environment with the help of independent and impartial professional mediators. The role of the mediator is to facilitate and manage the process to help parties reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Our impartial mediators can:

• Conduct enquiries and investigations.
• Undertake employee interviews.
• Help employees set realistic action plans.
• Provide clear, focussed, and objective reporting.
• Evaluate the process to demonstrate its effectiveness.
• Provide training for line managers and HR professionals on effective ways to resolve disputes and to prevent their reoccurrence.

The typical mediation process is as follows:

• We receive the request for mediation services.
• We refer the case to a mediator who reviews the details and determines whether mediation is appropriate.
• If mediation is deemed appropriate, the mediator will reach out to both parties.
• If the employees agree to participate, they must complete forms and submit them to Workplace Options.
• The mediator reviews the forms, develops a mediation plan, and arranges for a meeting to take place at a neutral location (e.g., a conference room or a local hotel meeting room).
• The mediator meets with each employee individually and then brings them together.
• After this meeting, if both parties are willing to move forward, an action plan is developed.
• The mediator will check in with the employees to follow up and ensure that the action plan is being followed.

Mediation is a highly confidential process. No one attends the sessions except the involved employees and the mediator. Mediation can occur within 10 working days of the initial request; however, this is dependent upon the time it takes for the employees to return their forms to Workplace Options.


1. 24/7 Helpline
2. iConnect App
3. EAP Website
4. Support Services
From €0.67 per employee per month

WorkLife Support

1. 24/7 Helpline
2. iConnect App
3. EAP Website
4. Webinars
5. Specialist Information Services
6. Support Services
From €1.00 per employee per month

Total Support

1. 24/7 Helpline
2. iConnect App
3. EAP Website
4. Webinars
5. Specialist Information Services
6. Structured Counselling
7. cCBT online counseling
8. ECOMS Outcomes Measurement
9. Complete support management
10. Support Services
From €2.00 per employee per month


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