How to Set Up a Corporate Wellness Programme

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 24-March-2017 16:54:31

10 questions to help identify your best partner to implement a corporate wellness programme

If increased productivity is key to your organisations success you may be looking at implementing a corporate wellness programme to exploit the well of untapped energy in your workforce. But how do you set up a wellness programme for your organisation?

For most people with responsibility for HR and employee benefits wellness and health related issues are typically areas which are contracted in to access specific skill sets. As you review your options you should ask the following 10 questions to help you identify the best partner for your organisation.

1. Will your prospective partner provide a programme that is based around your staff and their specific ongoing wellness and life goals?
Make sure that you provide a broad, holistic programme to your employees that is more than just a health screen. Some service providers may only have a number of generic options available.

2. Will your prospective partner be able to complement your organisations culture and ensure the programme reflects the importance health and wellbeing?
Creating a culture of health can have a profound, positive influence in your company. This should tie into what your company is about. Look for programmes that encourage employee participation and engagement. Health Challenges or Gamification is very effective at improving participation and delivering benefit.

3. How much of my time is needed?
A corporate wellness programme is more than a ?health week? every couple of years. It is an ongoing annual plan with regular communication and activities. This should not take up much time for HR, your service provider should provide all the necessary tools, marketing, scheduling and communication required to deliver your requirements.

4. How can employees provide feedback?
An effective programme will be designed around your staff?s wellness goals so it is important to receive and listen to their objectives. The best partners are able to identify symmetry between employee targets and the organisations own aims.

5. How do you improve participation?
In poorly designed programmes and health screening participation typically declines over time. You should look at how you prospective partners ensure that employee numbers expand rather than contract. Monthly challenges are a great way to encourage participation while at the same time introducing new positive habits. They can also build team spirit and engagement.

6. How do you maintain momentum?
It can be frustrating to spend time generating enthusiasm within the workforce, to see it quickly fizzle out. Look at how the different programmes you are offered ensure momentum is maintained through out the year. You will quickly identify those providers who are only interested in getting in and out quickly.

7. What range of expert options are available?
Staff can need help in many different areas of life. Ensure you check what areas of coaching is available both on-line and through expert workshops or counselling services.

8. How do you re-engage in-active employees?
Effective wellness programmes will not just tell them their health biometrics, they will encourage them to create goals to help them improve their life. The best partners will stay with the participants during the year encouraging them and ensuring that they meet their objectives.

9. How do you maximize the ROI?
The available studies in ROI would suggest a €3 to €6 return for every €1 spent. It is important though to ensure that you are maximizing this. Check and see how your prospective partners ensure that your objectives are properly met, not just at the start of a programme but on an on-going basis. The best providers will have effective performance measuring and tracking.

10. Would I enjoy the programme?
A successful programme needs to be engaging and fun. Make sure you would be happy to participate before offering it to staff. Look at ways to introduce gamification into the programme through challenges and team events.

I hope these questions will help you clearly identify the service provider that will deliver a corporate wellness programme that meets your needs and returns your required ROI.

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