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Reignite the Energy in Your Workforce

Fusion HR work in partnership with their clients to realise the full potential from the talent within their business. We help HR deliver the improvements in productivity, compliance and risk management that stakeholders demand. Fusion HR can drive your costs down, enhance customer satisfaction and boost profitability from within your existing workforce.

StepJockey - Step Up to Health


Fusion HR have partnered with StepJockey to introduce into Ireland a new and affordable way for employers of all types to promote health and fitness in the workplace. Integrating into your wellness strategy StepJockey will ensure that your health culture is always visible. We create healthy active spaces with our stair sign ratings, signs and challenges. Transform your building and business today.

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AMP - Absence Management Programme

Absence Management Programme

AMP is designed to help companies enhance overall performance and output within the existing pool of resources that are available, by reducing costs, improving compliance while managing risk.

Partnering with FirstCare Ltd., the international leaders in this field, our unique approach combines the expertise of a nurse led call centre coupled with a specialised functionality of our sophisticated communication and IT platform.

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Health House - Working On Wellness

Health House

Health House is a customisable wellness programme designed around your business needs.

Employers care about having healthy employees, who are 'present' at work - engaged, happy, energetic, and committed to their jobs. But this can be difficult to deliver.

What separates bad, good and great programmes, is a combination of good design built on behaviour change theory, effective implementation using evidence-based practices, and credible measurement and evaluation that help guide businesses that want to create high-performing health promotion strategies.

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EAP - Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Support Services

Your staff are continually challenged in all aspects of their life. Very often it is the culmination of the little things that can cause the greatest stress.

Fusion HR provide support services to employees to improve engagement, develop resilience and drive productivity. These services are a support to Absence Management and Well-being but can also be availed of independently. Our EAP service is configured in a manner that allows for seamless partnership with other services from Fusion HR, internal resources and external providers.

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CIPD - Growing the Well-being Agenda


CIPD’s 2016 report "Growing the health and well-being agenda: From first steps to full potential" highlights one of the most important HR issues of our time: the health and well-being of millions of people at work.

The report emphasises the role of HR in creating cultures where health and well-being are centre-stage in supporting efforts to improve employee health, enhance productivity and have a more sustainable and motivated workforce.

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