Do you recognise Paula and Simon

If you are in any doubt as to the need for Fusion HR in your organisation take a moment to meet Paula and Simon. Chances are you already know them - but by different names…

Paula is 28, single and very conscientious. She never misses a day and is often the last to leave at night. The cleaning staff know her well. People joke about it.

Paula isn’t that bothered about holidays or even sick days. Indeed, last year, when she became ill with a severe chest infection she soldiered on with Lemsip and coffee. Colleagues urged her to go home and recover, but she shrugged it off and joked that she was ‘Married to the job'.
A week later two people in her section went down with the same infection. One of them, who happens to be a smoker, was out of work for two weeks and needed a chest x-ray on doctors orders. Paula filled in for him by staying later again in the evenings - and even came in on Saturday.

The real surprise, is that despite all the extra hours she puts in, Paula is actually less productive than other employees. She stays longer, but achieves less. She looks haunted and tired. Something needs to change.

Then there’s Simon…

Simon is 42 and seems to have a funny story for every one of those years. He’s the life and soul of the Christmas party. A tall man, well over six foot, he carries some extra weight. Simon says it’s because wife she feeds him too well. The extra pounds, his height and an old rugby injury have taken their toll on his back. But when the pain sets in, as it frequently does, he simply takes to bed. Simon makes light of it and refers to chiropractors as ‘Witch Doctors’. But he’s missing more and more days each year.

Whenever well-meaning work mates suggest a trusted practitioner he says he’s tried everything from acupuncture to the rack and nothing can be done. It’s just one of those things you have to accept - like the weather…Simon says.

But is it really?

A recent IBEC survey revealed that absenteeism costs Irish business an estimated €1.5 billion every year.

The cost of Presenteeism it’s even more significant. People are turning up for work lacking energy, even ill and unable to do their job. Often, it’s a preemptive personal strategy to avoid the perceived threat of redundancy.

Experts believe this practice is massively detrimental to productivity, costing Irish based organisations something in the region of €3 billion every year.

Corporate bodies in the UK and North America have already grasped the relationship between health, work/life balance, good attendance and better productivity.

Our services are based on models tried and tested by our partners in those markets:

AMP – Absence Management Program.
AMP manages absenteeism more effectively for increased output and a better bottom line.

Health House – Working On Wellness.
Health House is a system designed to reduce attrition to company moral and productivity caused by ‘Presenteeism’.

Employee Support Services.
Fusion HR deliver to our clients the services that will support employees and ensure they are resilient and productive.


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