Prepare Your Integrated Employee Assistance Strategy For 2016

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-Nov-2015 10:34:55

You are probably doing a lot for your employees, but is it integrated into a strategy that reflects your culture and appreciation of your staff?

Very often we find our clients are doing various initiatives during the year but are getting little value from them both in terms of employee productivity and usage. In fact sometimes staff forget that benefits are even available.

Fusion HR work with our clients to build an Employee Assistance Strategy around their goals and culture. We aim to deliver a Win-WIN to organisations. We provide the tools to enable them ensure that staff is available and eager to contribute to the business goals while giving proper consideration to their welfare, wellbeing and happiness. Through our work in the public, private and voluntary sectors we have recognised the success of developing a highly motivated and energetic workforce through a systematic, yet empathetic approach to employee health and wellbeing.

A business needs productive employees to realise their customer service and profitability targets for its stakeholders. Financial incentives will succeed for short-term goals but over the longer term, for sustainable productivity from the workforce they need to be Happy, Engaged and Resilient. Check out our article on how HR can help staff Thrive and not just Survive.

To develop and sustain long term, all of these attributes, an employee needs to be strong:

1. Physically
Creates energy, builds performance and promotes mental and emotional recovery.

2. Emotionally
Creates the ideal climate that drives performance. It is, knowing why you do the task not just what to do.

3. Mentally
The ability to focus this physical and emotional energy on the task at hand without distraction or negativity.

4. Professionally
Aligning the job to your career development path provides a powerful source of motivation, determination and endurance.

The objective of Fusion HR’s Employment Assistance Services is to create a strategy that nurtures these attributes in your workforce to drive performance, service and ultimately stakeholder satisfaction. The employer can help achieve this through a combination of reactive and proactive approaches.

When employees are sick it is important that a business takes the necessary steps to enable them get back to work as soon as possible. This not only ensures that they have access to their talents quickly but demonstrates an empathetic, caring approach where the individual will feel valued and respected. An organisation needs to have the services in place that support staff when they are not well.

However, Employment Assistance Services needs to go further than just reacting to employees feeling poorly, they must create a culture within the organisation that empowers them to achieve their best and to stay healthy. At a national level this has been recognised in the Healthy Ireland Framework Strategy where Government is calling on local communities to tackle society’s health issues in a proactive way. The workplace is probably the most important community that can have an impact in this area. The Minister of Health recently went further and identified the impact poor lifestyle choices were having on the health and performance levels of public sector employees.

Fusion HR have spent considerable time researching best international practice in this area and have created partnerships with some of the leading global providers to develop a trilogy of services that will deliver a value added Employment Assistance Service to Irish organisations.

1. Employee Supports

2. Attendance Management

3. Employee Wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeing needs to be integrated into a complementary strategy. We share our knowledge with organisations to nurture happy, engaged and resilient staff.

Our ebook on Wellness will help everyone looking to develop a strategy that suits their business:

Topics: Presenteeism, Absence, HR tools, Employee Wellbeing

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