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Boost stair use and wellness across your business with our beautiful Smart Signs.

Be seen to be leading from the front on health. Our Smart Signs are designed to motivate and will prompt an uplift in stair use of 20% or more. Features include:

• A full read-out of the data for your stairs
• Wireless QR & NFC technology for easy calorie tracking
• Tested motivational health messages
• Compatible with our apps, vouchers and Challenges
• A choice of funky colours and shapes
• Easy to install - no wires, no drilling
• Integrated into your Wellness Programme and installation



StepJockey Challenges enable you to reward and 'gamify' stair use, making stair climbing a habit for everyone:

• Choose from a range of proven Challenges
• Run across multiple buildings and locations
• Create teams, set goals and offer prizes
• Real-time league tables and messaging
• Rich data feedback for better wellness & CSR reporting
• Easy to launch and run

Ready to climb Everest? Want to tour the world's tallest towers? Boost your company's health with our fun, inclusive and easy-to-organise stair climbing Challenges.

Challenges are constantly evolving. View our current challenges here


Case Studies

Below are some case exciting studies that you might be interested to read:

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Big Idea

StepJockey uses the principles of behavioral economics to integrate exercise into the built environment.

Our mission is to label the world for 'calorie burn' in order to promote better health and wellbeing. By physically labelling your offices for health we engage all your staff, not just a few of them.

The logic is simple. Nutrition labels on foods tell us how many calories we are consuming and have been successful in reducing calorie intake among many millions of consumers worldwide. StepJockey is about the other side of the equation. By accurately labelling stairs, walkways and other parts of the physical environment for 'calorie burn' it gently prompts us to build more exercise into our daily lives.

"We alert people to the calories they are eating but we don’t flag up how to burn them off," says StepJockey founder, Helen Nuki. "We see the world as a gym and through StepJockey we are labelling it as such".


How It Works - Signs & Challenges

StepJockey is part of the 'active design' movement and works to improve workplace health at two levels:

1. By installing StepJockey smart signs in your building, you will see an immediate uplift in stair use versus lift or escalator use of up to 29%. This is because the signs themselves act as a motivating visual prompt and naturally 'nudge' people to take the healthy option. Importantly, this simple environmental change affects all; it requires no special or expensive gadgets and impacts everyone.

2. StepJockey smart signs can be read with our free iPhone and Android smartphone apps. People can set targets for themselves, track their performance and earn points. Better still, you can gamify stair use in your organisation by launching fun and engaging stair climbing challenges for everyone. Challenges can be run within or between offices worldwide. As well as offering great team dynamics and engagement, they are easy to set up and provide excellent data feedback for wellness and CSR reporting.

In trials, StepJockey stair climbing challenges increased office stair use by between 500% and 800%.


Trial Results

StepJockey was seed-funded by the UK Department of Health and was fully evaluated before launch.

Large-scale field trials were held in 2012, with more than 250,000 stair/lift journeys recorded. The study protocol aligned with the Standard Evaluation Framework and met all essential standards of a fair test. The trial found:

• The signs caused significant increases in stair use in all buildings (p < 0.0001), the highest uplift being 29%,
• The groups most influenced were among the hardest to reach with traditional wellness initiatives and included: the overweight (BMI > 25), infrequent takers of physical activity (< 2 x per week) and older women,
• Stair climbing challenges increased stair use 5 fold over baseline and 8 fold when participants were further incentivised with prizes,
• 92% of new stair climbers said it would become a habit.

You can download the full StepJockey trial results from:


Health Benefits

You’d be forgiven for wondering but stair climbing can have a very significant impact on an individual’s health over time. It is officially classed as a vigorous exercise and burns more calories per minute than jogging. Importantly, it is also a safe and easy activity to build into our working lives and results in health benefits that go far beyond weight loss.

The confirmed benefits of regular stair climbing include:

• Improved cardiovascular fitness
• A stronger musculoskeletal system
• Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes
• Promotion of weight loss and muscle tone
• Promotion of mental wellbeing

In the fight to improve workplace health, health experts see the promotion of simple activities like stair climbing as vital because they can be integrated into our daily lives and can make a profound difference to employee health over time.


Wireless Technology

StepJockey smart signs support the latest wireless technologies and are designed to be 'technology agnostic', meaning they can be combined with in-house systems or new technologies as they come on stream.

Currently StepJockey’s acrylic-glass smart signs come with QR and Near Field Communications (NFC) tags embedded as standard. These allow rapid 'tap-and-go' calorie tracking with our free iPhone and Android smartphone apps.

All StepJockey signs can be installed without drilling or wiring making them suitable even for listed buildings.


Smarter Buildings Management

StepJockey is not only good for the health of your people.

It also has a direct and positive impact on the efficiency of the buildings it is installed in. This is because it naturally reduces demand on expensive lift and escalator systems while at the same time improving people’s knowledge of a building.

Benefits to corporate facilities managers and departments include:

• Reduced lift congestion and waiting times
• Increased carbon savings and fuel efficiency
• Improved way-finding
• Improved fire safety
• Simple drill-free and wireless installation


Corporate & Social Responsibility

StepJockey is a highly visual and evidence-based product and, as such, is rightly being used to help bolster Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

By encouraging wellbeing in an evidenced-based and inclusive fashion, it helps meet several of the health-related corporate citizenship standards increasingly expected of modern employers by clients, regulators and governments.

Specifically, StepJockey is aligned with the following guidance and standards:

• International Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility (BS ISO 26000:2010)
• WHO Global recommendations on physical activity for health (ISBN: 9789241599979)
• UK Public Health Responsibility Deal (P4 Physical activity in the workplace; P1 Physical Activity, Community)
• NICE public health guidance on physical activity (PH8, PH13, PH 41, PH44)


Health & Safety

Many hundreds of buildings around the world already have signs encouraging stair use installed, including the buildings occupied by the UK Department of Health.

Signs, which highlight where the stairs are in a building, are generally acknowledged by experts to improve safety. This is because people are more likely to find the staircases they need quickly in cases of emergency.

The regular use of stairs that StepJockey encourages also makes people fitter and more able to use office stairs.


Our Services

Fusion HR is a workforce health and wellbeing company which includes specialist services in calorie calculation, behaviour change and public health.

For larger companies, local authorities, schools and universities we provide a bespoke service including:

• A full survey of all stairs and walkways
• Bespoke smart sign design and manufacture, including co-branding
• Stair climbing challenges to 'gamify' physical activity
• Cosmetic stairwell redesign to brighten dark stairwells
• Integration into existing signage systems
• Data feedback and analysis
• Wellness in the workplace programmes and seminars
• Internal communications packages
• Professional installation and project management

Helen Nuki

Founder, StepJockey

"StepJockey is about promoting fitness for everyone. We tell people how many calories are in food but we don’t tell them where they can burn them off. Through StepJockey, we are offering the opportunity to put that right. The world is a gym and through StepJockey we aim to positively label it as such."

Professor Alan Batterham

Professor of Exercise Science, Teesside University

"StepJockey helps individuals to build a vigorous physical activity into their daily routine and is an excellent, time-efficient way to increase fitness and control weight. Stair climbing is also a surprising powerful form of exercise and has benefits that go beyond weight loss. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast and colon cancers."

John Allison

Occupational Health Consultant

"I want people to understand the relationship between the exercise and calorie expenditure and StepJockey is the perfect tool for that. It’s easy to implement and my clients love the motivational messages and the information about the calorie burn."

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