Workplace Health, It's Personal!

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 01-September-2016 09:09:30

Of course there are supports available if you get sick. From primary care to acute care through rehabilitation there are facilities to get us better. But just because they are there doesn't mean we have to use them. Surely it is better to take as many actions as possible to reduce the likelihood of having to endure some of these services. Being healthy and full of vitality is much better fun too!

To develop and sustain long term, health and well-being an individual needs to be strong:

Creates energy, builds performance and promotes mental and emotional recovery.

Creates the ideal climate that drives performance. It is, knowing why you do the task not just what to do.

The ability to focus this physical and emotional energy on the task at hand, without distraction or negativity.

Aligning the job to your career development path provides a powerful source of motivation, determination and endurance.

Employers health professionals and government can’t force us to take better care of our health. We need to want to do this ourselves. It is up to individuals to take action on their own health and lifestyle.

Take the six step approach to look after your health and wellbeing.

Assess where you are through a Health Risk Assessment. This will help you identify your real health needs and establish a baseline to track change.

Discover what your health risks are; what you are doing well and how you can improve your lifestyle. Identify and understand your health needs to you can move forward.

Educate yourself on the impact your lifestyle choices are having to your health and well-being. Understand the relationships between and consequences of your decisions. Look for support in this journey in work and social contacts.

Use incentives to motivate yourself. It can be a long journey, so break it up into realistic stepping stones. Reward yourself at reaching each goal. This will keep you focused on building the positive habits that lead to a healthier, happier life.

These new habits will help you create a culture of health for you and your family. This environment will become a constructive force within the workforce too as it encourages your colleagues to “do as they see”. Develop proper nutrition, exercise and mental supports as part of your normal routine and nurture a culture of well-being at home and in the workplace.

The final step is then to repeat. Measure your progress by tracking your health using a consistent health risk assessment. Evaluate how successful you have being in achieving your targets. Do you need to set new objectives? Do you need to tweak your activity for a better return? Remember, what you measure you manage and what you manage you improve.

The journey to better health is fun and rewarding. Your employer can help support you and your colleagues but they need you to "buy-in" and participate. Get involved and make an input into what should be included in your workplace well-being strategy.

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