Health House’s key service empowers each individual to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Utilising an internationally validated Health Risk Assessment (HRA) we provide the employee with a Personal Report. This identifies those areas of their lifestyle that needs improving and also those areas, which are working well and need to be continued.

A new HRA can be taken as many times as you want, however, we recommend that you do so only when you feel your risk scores will change as a result of changes you have made in your lifestyle. We would recommend you carry out at least two HRAs each year.

The Personal Report identifies an individual’s risk across seven key health areas - Heart, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health. This enables participants to identify their personal health risks and initiate actions necessary to reduce or eliminate these risks, and reduce avoidable costs, to them.

Health House provides ongoing newsletters, topical articles and challenges throughout the year to encourage and motivate members to meet their goals and objectives.



Many organisations like to “kick start” their wellness programme with a biometric health assessment. This will provide each employee with baseline clinical information and also an opportunity to have a private and confidential discussion with our nursing team.

This is an excellent forum to have a general chat about any topic that maybe of concern or to discuss any aspects of the online HRA.

The employee can easily complete most of the questions in our HRA. This assessment will provide the results for some of the biometric measurements if the employee does not have recent results available.



The most successful wellness programmes include regular initiatives during the year. This ensures that the employee and organisation continue to enjoy the benefits of the wellness programme long after its introduction.

Our corporate report will help you identify those areas, which will have maximum benefit for the company and are also of interest to the employees.

Health House can work with your HR department to ensure the smooth running of these initiatives during the year.



Health House can organize workshops for specific areas of interest for staff. We have an extensive panel of experts in a range of areas that can bring practical advice and experience in a fun and interactive way.

Our corporate report will help you identify those areas, which will have maximum benefit for the company and are also of interest to the employees.

Health House can work with your HR department to ensure the smooth running of these workshops during the year.



How can I organise a programme with my work colleagues?

Health House provide corporate wellness programmes from companies with 10 employees to 5,000. We can design a programme around each organisations size, requirements and budget. Just ask your manager to contact us at

When will my portal be available?

You will have access to the portal immediately after completing the registration process and you can begin to complete your health assessment.

What will I need to complete my Health Risk Assessment?

The Health Risk Assessment will take about 15 minutes to complete. You will have most of the information readily available to you from memory. There may be some family history questions that you need to verify. Part of the assessment asks for biometric test results such as blood pressure and cholesterol. These can be taken from a recent biometric assessment you have had, your last GP visit or you can update these questions at a later date. All the medical test results can be obtained at your next GP visit or from many pharmacies.

Can I carry out new health risk assessments throughout the year?

Yes. You can take as many online health assessments as you want, however, we recommend that you do so only when you feel your risk scores will change as a result of changes you have made in your lifestyle. We would recommend you carry out at least two HRAs each year.

Can I access my profiles to update the results?

Yes. You can update your profile for up to 6 months after completing the initial assessment.
You can also update biometrics at any time, though these will not effect your wellness score.

How often each year can I review my wellbeing profile?

Unlimited. We would recommend that you review your profile at least once a month to continually remind yourself of the recommendations identified to help you lead a more complete life. This could be done on conjunction with the monthly health challenges that are provided.

How valid are the health assessment questions?

We do not develop new questions about unknown items. We base our questions on established published research that already shows a significant relationship to a risk or health factor.
Let's use cholesterol and blood pressure as the example. The validity of asking these questions is based on the published research that shows people with high blood pressure is linked to high risk of stroke and heart disease. The validity of all our questions are based on actual research published in the health journals, linking them to health outcomes. We don't try to estimate a risk, we simply ask 'Do you smoke?', or 'Do you exercise?'. Research links people who exercise to lower risks of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. All our questions are based on these research outcomes that are much more valid than any questions we could create to estimate health status and then do a 'validity study'. We also take into account recommendations by national health standards and guidelines. For example, people who live the longest have a BMI less than 25, so we use this standard to determine obesity. Some of our questions relate to these well documented and recognised standards.

If you offer a wellbeing score or health age, what is the basis for this?

We offer both. The basis of these scores is in line with algorithms developed and used for over 30 years.

What else will my Personal Report measure?

Improving your wellness is not just about changing what you do but also understanding the benefits of current lifestyle choices that are having a positive effect.

Your Personal Report will identify for you:

• Overall Wellness Score and Health Age
• Health & Wellness Key Areas Chart
• Key Areas
• Biometrics (Biometry) section

What support will I get to help me improve my wellbeing?

The on-line version of your report will provide appropriate links to additional information to help you understand and prepare for the improvements that you need to consider. The suite of videos will explain each page of your personal report. We would recommend that you view this throughout the year.
Each month we will send you a newsletter with topical health features. There are also our monthly health challenges that will introduce you to a positive lifestyle change that we 'challenge' you to try and introduce into your life. Have a bit of fun and pit yourself against other family members or friends and colleagues.
Our on-line counselling programmes are designed around the most common areas that participants have difficulty in improving their lifestyle and can be an invaluable support in achieving your goals.

How can I be sure of my results?

The algorithm used to generate scores are based on 30 years of changing guidelines and recommendations supplied by International organisations These algorithms are updated to meet the most current guidelines and recommendations.
The University of South Florida conducted a content validity evaluation of the HRA. They used experts in a variety of clinical fields to evaluate each question. The experts consisted of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, health educators, and physicians. The overall Content Validity Index for the entire instrument is 0.90 (0= no validity, 1.0 = perfect validity).

What processes are used to authenticate users online?

The processes that we use are determined by our clients needs, for example will members login-in through your website or through our website?
The Assessment Website presents a secure (HTTPS) sign-up form and a secure (HTTPS) login form. The login requires a username and a password. Security certified. The Assessment site login-form uses secure SSO to seamlessly authenticate participants to the specified website.

What data do you need to authenticate users?

Login: Username and password.
Sign Up: sign-up requires additional information, such as contact information, gender, DOB, height, weight and waist circumference. This is entered on initial registration only.

What technical support do you offer and what is the cost of this support?

Participant Tech Support - is provided via a comprehensive help section on our assessment web portal as well as email based technical support during normal business hours.
The cost is all included in your registration fee.

How do you protect my privacy?

All client details and login are accessed via HTTPS on the Assessment website. Access is limited to authorised personnel. All security certificates have been obtained.
No personal data is shared with any other organisation.
Health House is registered with the Irish Data Protection Commission.

Are there any software and hardware requirements?

Yes. Any standard web browser. The portal can be access through a web processor by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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Personal Report

A health risk assessment (HRA) is the foundation of any successful wellness programme. The Health House HRA (Powered by Wellsource) – is one of the most comprehensive, customizable, and scientifically-based health assessments on the market.

The Health House Personal Report (Powered by Wellsource) is unsurpassed in its ability to reflect the unique needs of your organization. Based on 30 years of experience, our health risk appraisal gives you the power to assess risk, target specific groups, track progress, and evaluate cost-benefit.



Keeping the heart in good condition is a critical goal for any worksite wellness program. The key to heart health is to actively eliminate any known risk factors. If a person waits for symptoms to occur before taking action, the first symptom may be a fatal heart attack. Large population studies show that 70-80% of heart disease is linked to modifiable risks.

Help your staff learn and reduce these risks.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death overall and the leading cause of death for persons of working age. The good news is that at least two-thirds of all cancer deaths can be prevented. In Ireland obesity is the leading cause of cancer for non smokers.

There are two key strategies to reduce cancer:

(1) eliminate any known cancer risks, and
(2) get the proper cancer checkups as recommended for a person's age, gender or relevant family medical history

Make sure your organisation enables staff to manage their cancer risks.


Keeping bones strong and healthy is essential for preventing fractures and the costly medical care following a spine or hip fracture. Osteoporosis, or porous bone, leads to bone fragility and fractures.

By living an active lifestyle, eating nutritiously, and eliminating known risks, osteoporosis is a largely preventable disease, especially when a bone-healthy lifestyle is practised over a lifetime.

Don’t have your colleagues suffer from Osteoporosis during their life.


About 250,000 people in Ireland live with diabetes. In addition, the number of kids in Ireland being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is rising at a staggering rate. To protect your health, do everything you can to avoid developing diabetes.

The good news is that type 2 diabetes is largely preventable. Diabetes Prevention Trials showed a 58% decrease in risk of developing diabetes in people with prediabetes as they improved their diet and activity levels.

Provide your employees with the tools to reduce the risk of getting this chronic disease.


Good nutrition is vital for energy, good health, and prevention of disease. Poor eating habits lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

Choosing nutritious foods plays an important role in keeping employees healthy and productive.

Educate your staff on the best food to refuel their body for the demands of modern life.


Regular physical activity keeps the muscles, bones, and waistline in better shape. Exercise has also been shown to decrease one's risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and stroke.

Fit people are also sick less often, require less healthcare, are happier, and are more productive employees. Regular physical activity is a key element in any organization's employee wellness programme.

Exercise programs pay good dividends for both the employee and for the organization.


High levels of stress and poor coping ability are significant causes of high healthcare claims, impaired productivity, and low job satisfaction. They also contribute to depression, anxiety, and other chronic health conditions.

In this report, stress is defined as "feelings of tension, irritability, and anxiety often resulting in difficulty sleeping.

Ensure employee stress is not impacting on your productivity.


Promoting safety at work and home is an excellent way to reduce high healthcare costs due to accidents, injuries, and disability. For persons under the age of 40, accidents are the leading cause of disability and injury.

Remember, most accidents can be prevented!


Excess body weight is one of the most common health conditions linked to chronic disease and higher healthcare costs. Excess body weight increases a person's risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, depression, and disability.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity in your organization is shown below.

Taking steps to prevent and deal with excess weight needs to be an important component of every employee wellness programme.

Corporate Reports

Each individuals health risk assessment and PWP are private and confidential. What can be provided to organisations though is population data for their organisation. This is aggregate report for their organistion and will provide invaluable information and trends on the health of staff.

It is also the ideal platform from which to design particular initiatives during the year. It will maximize the return on any investment made as you can focus on those areas with the greatest need.



Health House is committed to be able to develop a Wellness Programme for every business irrespective of its size, budget or sector.

Through the different levels of Health House we can help you design a programme that best meets your needs, both now and into the future.

Remember, every organization should have a wellness programme!


1. Health Risk Assessment
2. Personal Report
3. Social Media updates
4. Newsletter
5. Challenges
6. Personal Room within Health House
From €0.80 per employee per month

Health Assessment

1. Up to 30 minute nurse consultation
2. Key physical biometrics
3. Blood pressure
4. Atrial Fibrillation Screening
5. Lipid (full cholesterol) Profile
6. Diabetes – (HBA1c Test)
7. Lung function test
From €40.00 per participant

Clinical Initiatives

1. Electrocardiogram – Consultant Reporting
2. Wellman & Wellwoman tests
3. Spirometry – Lung Function
4. Blood Profiles
5. Bowel screen
6. Food Intolerances
Cost dependant on tests requested. Please contact us for more information.


1. Nutrition
2. Weight management
3. Fitness
4. Mindfulness
5. Parenting
6. Financial Advice
7. Family Law
Cost dependant on workshops requested. Please contact us for more information.

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